MongoKitten is initializable on Server or Database level. Server objects allow access to every database - if the account you use to authenticate has the permissions to - and is generally not used.

Database is initializable separately and allows access to a single database on a MongoDB server. You can still access the server object from the Database and access other parts of the server via there if this is necessary.

You can instantiate a Server using a MongoDB connection URL/String:

let server = try Server(mongoURL: "mongodb://localhost")

The database also has two initializers. One accepts a connection URL as String. The database which is accessed is equal to the authentication database in this case.

let database = try Database(mongoURL: "mongodb://,")

Alternatively you can create a server object and select the database from there:

let server = try Server(mongoURL: "mongodb://localhost")

let database = server["my-database-name"]
let database = Database(named: "my-database-name", atServer: server)

Last but not least you can select a collection/table within a database:

let usersCollection = database["users"]

From here you can interact with every part of MongoKitten.

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