You can create an entry in MongoDB by inserting a Document into a Collection.

let identifier = try collection.insert(document)

The returned identifier is the _id field in the Document. If no _id exists in the provided Document parameter an ObjectId will be generated. The _id field can be of almost any value.

ObjectId keeps track of the creation date and is unique. Int32 and Int64 can be used incrementally like is usual in SQL. Strings can also be used. When you’re inserting a Document which primarily contains a unique String (like a database migration’s description) this description can be the _id of the Document.

No two Documents can exist in the same collection with the same _id.

You can also insert an array of Documents which will all be inserted. MongoKitten will return an array of identifiers for each inserted Document.

let identifiers = try collection.insert([document0, document1, document2])

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